Maeve Roughton
Brand, Creative, Content

Most of the time I just say I like/don’t like these words/pictures/things.

The rest of the time I create stories, strategies, identities, and teams. 

maevestrangeways [at]


Taos Walkaround
Writer; UX, UI Strategist

A very sexy and somewhat scary brief: 

  • Write 4 narrative arcs for a guided digital walkabout, featuring US Women’s National Soccer Team superstar Megan Rapinoe, racing driver-turned-TV host Tanner Faust, and the new VW Taos 

  • Must include [insert a bunch of technical stuff about car things here]

  • Pls fill in blanks, due in 1wk? k thx :)

I buckled up, revved up, and cranked out host personas, host storylines, product messages, and UX and UI direction for a choose-your-own-adventure digital experience. 

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