Maeve Roughton
Brand, Creative, Content

Most of the time I just say I like/don’t like these words/pictures/things.

The rest of the time I create stories, strategies, identities, and teams. 

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Open Democracy
“Can We Handle the Truth?”

“In a world teeming with selfie affirmations, the idea of one’s own truth—‘my truth’—has come to define an entire generation. The pursuit of the authentic self comes with the freedom to editorialize. A quick search of #mytruth on Twitter reveals intellectual breakthroughs on everything from life wisdoms (‘Attention to detail is what divides the exceptional from the average #mytruth’) to personal reportage (‘#mytruth I woke up with that familiar clammy taste in mouth, mouth as dry as cotton. I blinked’) to financial advice (‘Parents, save up: Cost of raising a child is more than $233K Children are a bad investment #mytruth’).”

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