Maeve Roughton
Brand, Creative, Content

Most of the time I just say I like/don’t like these words/pictures/things.

The rest of the time I create stories, strategies, identities, and teams. 

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Unboxing New York


Office for Design and Architecture (ODA) is an award-winning New York-based firm known for imaginative designs that challenge modern urban convention. After several years of working together, we embarked on a two-year journey to conceptualize, write, edit, and publish the firm’s first book, a monograph-meets-manual that showcases key projects and shares bold opinions.

I worked directly with ODA Co-Founder and Principal, Eran, as well as six architects to write and edit 25+ essays, plus contributor bios and the usual front and back matter.

We also worked closely with the editors at Original Copy and designers at Studio Lin to complete the book, which has enjoyed multiple print runs through its publisher, Actar.

For these reasons and more, I now tell people that I’m ~basically~ an architect.

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