Maeve Roughton
Brand, Creative, Content

Most of the time I just say I like/don’t like these words/pictures/things.

The rest of the time I create stories, strategies, identities, and teams. 

maevestrangeways [at]


Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson

Mo’ Meta Blues

Literary consultant

Yada, yada, I’m a 20-something post-grad whatever working the front desk at a hair salon in Chelsea when I start a daily battle of verbal swords with The Roots’ long-time, much-beloved, gone-too-soon manager, Rich.

Next I’m touring Questlove’s new apartment before he’s gotten a chance to see it, pontificating with Rich on all things high and mighty: aughts-era gentrification, regional vernacular, unsolicited celebrity, whether there’s enough counter space for Ahmir to have an at-home barista sorta-thing.